NSW Driving Authority Training

Our company trains drivers to obtain their NSW Driver Authorities.

The course includes training for both your General Bus/Route Authority and also the Long Distance & Tourist Bus/Coach Authority. There is no driving involved on the day and is based on an open book theory basis.

These courses are run on a regular basis (usually on the weekends) and meet all of the obligations and requirements of the NSW Passenger Transport Act.

If you have an enquiry regarding obtaining your NSWTI Driver Authority please contact one of our depots listed below for further information.

Wellington Office
130 Thornton Street
Wellington, N.S.W. 2820

P.O. Box 38
N.S.W. 2820

Phone: 02 6845 2800
Fax: 02 6845 1031
Email: [email protected]

Dubbo Office
86 Mount Batten Drive
Dubbo, N.S.W. 2830

P.O. Box 4642
Dubbo East
N.S.W. 2830

Phone: 02 6884 3101
Fax: 02 6884 4251
Email: [email protected]

Mudgee Office
17-23 Burrundulla Road
Mudgee, N.S.W. 2850

P.O. Box 966
N.S.W 2850

Phone: 02 6372 2489
Fax: 02 6372 6920
Email: [email protected]