Employment with Ogden's

We'd love to hear why you'd make an excellent member of the Ogden's Coaches family.

To apply for employment with us, you'll need to complete 4 steps:

1) Application Form

Download: Application for Employment

2) Proof of Identity

You will also need to provide 100 points of identification with your application. Refer Proving Your I.D. document below for information providing you with the point value and the documents that you can provide to make up this.

Download: Proving your I.D.

3) Working with Children

You will also need to complete a working with children check. Please see this link to obtain that:

Working With Children Check

4) Driver's License & Authority

Please provide a copy of your Driver's Licence with your application.

Bus drivers will also need to provide a copy of their N.S.W. Driver's Authority.

Send your application to the appropriate depot:
Ogden's Coaches - Mudgee
P.O. Box 966
N.S.W 2850

Phone: 02 6372 2489
Fax: 02 6372 6920
Email: [email protected]

Ogden's Coaches - Wellington
P.O. Box 38
N.S.W. 2820

Phone: 02 6845 2800
Fax: 02 6845 1031
Email: [email protected]

Ogden's Coaches - Dubbo
P.O. Box 4642
Dubbo East
N.S.W. 2830

Phone: 02 6884 3101
Fax: 02 6884 4251
Email: [email protected]